Jiangsu Yang¡¯an Group focuses on mechanical and electrical installation, housing construction, petrochemical engineering, real estate development, consultation and design and decoration, manufactures elevator, steel and aircondition etc with ten installation and construction branch companies, one construction general contracting branch company and eight affiliated business branch companies and maintains the title of ¡°Chinese growing hundred companies in construction industry¡±, ¡°top hundred competitiveness¡±as well as ¡°top five installation¡±in Jiangsu construction industry with annual construction scale of five billion Yuan.

Yang¡¯an possesses a team with 800 talents including 88 first-class constructors and 68 associate constructors. The¡°design-oriented¡±service philosophy helps Yang¡¯an rank top on the construction general contracting market. The comprehensive optimization and detailed design ability gains advantages for Yang¡¯an in overseas engineering contracting under new construction contracting modes such as EPC, BT, BOT etc .

With continuous research and development on new technology, Yang¡¯an has obtained many patents in numerous high-tech engineering construction fields including intelligent building,technical innovation on industry and environment protection, super critical power along with geothermy, solar energy and other clean energies. A few enterprise construction and acceptance standards have become national standards (Engineering technical code for rain utilization in building and sub-district , GB50400-2006). The refrigeration equipment branch company under Yang¡¯an is key enterprise on new environmental protection and energy-efficient air conditioning research. The elevator brach company is new high-tech enterprise with the key scientific research on national intelligent and energy-saving elevator.

In the civil architecture electromechanical equipment installation field, Yang¡¯ an undertakes the electromechanical system installation and engineering construction of various stations, airports, hospitals, urban complex, commercial buildings and star-rated hotels.

In the industry construction field, Yang¡¯an has achieved outstanding performances on power construction, boiler, steel construction and hoisting, purification, intelligentization, pipeline project, High and low voltage power transmission, industrial plant, environmental protection, new energy, petrochemical engineering, marine caisson, long-distance pipeline etc and have acquired 22¡°Luban Prize¡± totally.

Yang¡¯an has obtained overseas contract engineering license issued by commerce department of Zhejiang province and has expanded into overseas market and occupied hot markets with general contracting. Yang¡¯an has undertaken a batch of influential and key projects in overseas successively including BMC harbor diesel tank engineering in Monrovia,Liberia, 704 national defense education hospital project in Sri Lanka, marine engineering in Singapore, national airport mechanical and electrical installation engineering in Congo, mechanical and electrical installation engineering in Brazil, mechanical and electrical installation in Kenya etc.

In the petrifaction and storage field, yang¡¯an has contracted 90 thousand tons/year 1,4-butanediol and 90 thousand tons/year glycine project for Sichuan Tianfu Junan industrial limited company-with maximum capacity in Asia. Under the contract of Yang¡¯an, the first million supercritical power generation in Hubei Puqi power plant passed 168 hours full-load trail shipment. The hydraulic pressure od boiler ontology engineering achieved one-time success,which created the best installation progress among similar unit installation in domestic. The marine caisson project of Shenzhen Chiwan Baosheng Jinxi oilfield completed successively with the steel construction weighed 2100T and inspection qualified by Det Norske Veritas, being the top first in Asia and third in the world on marine oil storage caisson. The Xiaotianwan project of CNOOC Daxie Xinhai oils storage Co.Led gained total storage capacity of 600 thousand m3 external floating roof crude oil tank at the first stage (5*100 thousand m3£¬2*50 thousand m3 external floating roof crude oil tank) and has completed and accepted at present. The BMC harbor diesel tank in Monrovia,Liberia has been brought into service with 25 thousand m3 floating roof tanks. The first-stage 328 thousand m3 storage tank field of Lianyungang Rongtai chemical engineering will be put into service sooner.