Collectivization of Management and Control Mode

To achieve the whole Group working in coordination with the same objective, tackling the key project and capturing hot market. This year we have signed a 47 million USD general electromechanical contracting project of the National Defense Teaching Hospital at Sri Lanka, to step into overseas market as general contracting; as for domestic hot market, focus on Xiamen, Quanzhou and integrate in development and construction of four places of across-straits, work with Urumchi as leading position, thus to take the lead to North Xinjiang province energy development market.


Integration of Engineering and Construction

Based on installation and construction, expand and broaden the industrial chain and promote to transformation and upgrading, to foster integrated construction capacity covering big building industrial chain. We have established many constituent companies successively on consultant and design, house building and general contracting, decoration, elevation manufacturing, steel structure fabrication etc. We have built up a linkage industrial pattern of project design as a pioneer, construction and installation as a leader, multi-profession construction as a complete, and equipment and construction material selling. And we have introduced in some new contracting services such as EPC, BT etc. We seized the opportunity of construction of new countryside and economically affordable housing this year, and contracted the project of construction 530,000 m2 economically affordable housing at Xi¡¯an, and new countryside reconstruction project of 1.26 million square meters at Zhoukou.


Diversification based on one industry
Flexible capital operation, investment of multiple-development achieves capital accumulation and amplification effect. Real estate development is put into the second and third-tier city and county economic development zone with larger potential and controllable risk, currently the first development amount is about one million square meters; financial investment, grasp the opportunities of opening up of bank capital to private capital, invest RMB 50 million to shares of rural commercial bank and small loan companies, and get the newest opportunities of capital profit.


Professionalization led by science and technology

With the ¡°science and technology leading¡± as the core strategy, develop the specialty, cultivate the new core competence and growth point. Now the intelligent building, industry and environmental protection technology improvement, super critical power, and geothermal, solar and other clean energy and other new construction technology fruits have been achieved; the elevator subsidiary under the Group has obtained three ¡°national invention patents¡±, was awarded the ¡°high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province¡±, and become the key R & D enterprise of national intelligent and energy-saving elevator.


Brand marketing of culture

Make cultural spirit of innovation, dedication, care and harmony lead all people to consciously abide by the code of conduct for business:

To obey the united will: approve the core value concept of the harmony of economy and democracy and win-win of shareholders and employees, reach consensus,
Unify the action, strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions

Hold two principles: behave with kindness, handle affairs under provisions;

Establish three awareness: awareness of the overall situation, consciousness of subject and self-awareness;

Adhere to the four pursuits: in pursuit of novelty, change, speed and reality;

Achieve the five musts: encourage healthy trend, diligent, good learning, clever at execution, lay emphasis on pragmatic effect;

Follow the six disciplines: follow the principles, the initiative, cooperation, esteem, communication and tolerance.
To concentrate the will, solidify the strength, normalize the behaviors and seek identity with the Yang¡¯an¡¯s characteristic enterprise culture has become the brand feature and business card of Yangan Group. The power of culture will provide more powerful and persistent impetus for us to achieve the Yang¡¯an Dream of ¡°Centennial Brand¡±.